Dellisar Zoren

The Piper of Ruin


“For the fun of it.” – Last Words of Dellisar Zoren

No one knows where Dellisar Zoren came from, or how his soul became so twisted. His name was whispered in taverns and gambling-houses the world over, the Piper of Ruin, a bard in whose steps followed destruction and chaos. He was killer of heroes who took pleasure in the hunt, and it was at his hand that great names such as Eran Vult, “Thunderclap” Canan, and Alozza Al-Barak were stricken down before their time. Longing for an even greater challenge, he turned from killing heroes to toppling nations, and engineered a war between Doloth, Garrick, and Marn that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and threw the region into chaos. However, this last act of hubris drew the attention of High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia, who devoted considerable resources to hunting down and capturing Zoren. Surrounded on all sides by the forces of the Inquisition and outmatched by Amastacia’s superior magical abilities, Zoren took his own life rather than allow himself to be captured. The extent of the damage that his plots did to the stability of the nations is still being uncovered.

Dellisar Zoren is the fifth incarnation of Cobb.

Dellisar Zoren

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