“May his name forever be cursed.” -Traditional

No one is entirely certain where Cobb came from. All the records show is that about twenty years into the Sorcerer Wars he appeared in the current-day nation of Garrick and proceeded to lay claim to most of the surrounding territory. He raised a tower so high that the top of it couldn’t be seen on a sunny day, and from that tower poured hordes of creatures more powerful and vile than anything the wizards or the sorcerers had ever created. The sorcerers, thinking him a potential ally, sent an envoy of six powerful mages to treat with him; he took them apart, stitched them back together into a single horrifying creature, and sent them back to their masters to beg for the mercy of death. The Sorcerer Wars, it seemed, had a third side.

Cobb was only one man, and yet neither the might of the Imperium nor the combined talents of the Brotherhood could seem to defeat him. His armies of Orcs slaughtered all that stood against him, and the spells of his enemies were picked apart strand by strand with the delicate touch of an artist, woven into new configurations never seen before by man that were sent back to smite their creators. Those mages powerful and wise enough to be attuned with the magical balance of the world could feel it shifting, as the magical energy of the world was slowly but surely gathered to Cobb’s tower. He was tapping the leylines, using their configuration to prepare a spell so mighty it would change the nature of reality.

Knowing the dangers of such an attempt, the Imperium decided that it was time to concentrate their might on defeating Cobb before he grew too powerful. Bringing together all of their most powerful wizards at the Capitol, which itself was situated on a nexus, the Imperium Council began to tap the leylines themselves, crafting a spell that would smite Cobb’s tower into nothingness. They underestimated Cobb’s craftiness. He felt their efforts through the leylines, and with only a tiny tweak he caused their spell to detonate prematurely, wiping out the council and most of the greatest magic-users of the era and killing every man, woman, and child in the capitol. None now was left who could truly stand against him.

Knowing that the end was at hand, the remnants of the Imperial army and the Brotherhood struck up a desperate alliance and assaulted Cobb’s tower. As they fought his army of abominations, a small group of determined heroes somehow found their way past the magical wards on his tower, fought their way to its apex, and confronted Cobb. There is no record of the ensuing battle, since none survived it. However, just before his death, Cobb detonated the spell he had been preparing prematurely. Its energy coursed through the leylines, straining the world to its core. Oceans evaporated into steam, mountains crumbled into dust, and with a horrific blast of power the world cracked along its equator and broke in half, with one hemisphere surviving intact somehow and the other splintering into shards. While Cobb was defeated, the destruction that he wrought could never be undone.

Recently, the party journeyed through Cobb’s tower, and learned that knights of the Imperium had attempted to take Cobb from his mother at a young age. When she refused to turn her son over to them, they killed her on the spot, and in a rage the young Cobb slaughtered all of them and disappeared with his mother’s body. It seems that the intervening years were spent attempting to find a way to bring his mother’s soul back from beyond, and that most of the atrocities he committed were in service of that goal. Indeed, the spell which shattered the world was intended to pierce the veil and bring her back to him. However, even Cobb’s knowledge had its limits, and it seems that he made contact with some other world instead, and brought something back with him. In his final moments he attempted to bind his soul to the world so that he could return and continue his work, but the power from the portal cause an unexpected backlash from the spell which engulfed his attackers as well and bound all of their souls together, beginning the Pentasoul Cycle.


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