A Strange Pet


“He must have followed me back. Can I keep him, Doran?”—Eabha Melusine

None of the party are certain from where, precisely, Binx came. The adventurers discovered the creature in the capital of the Old Imperium after Eabha stepped through the heart of the Nexus. Lithe, colorful, and perpetually curious, the voidworm developed a strong affinity for the young girl. With some amount of effort Eabha managed to train the creature using her illusory cantrips as makeshift obstacle courses. Due to its flighty tendencies, it is difficult to tell how much of its strange behavior can be attributed to a short attention span. While Binx can be coerced into shifting into more mundane forms in civilized company, it prefers to dart about in its natural form, seeking out new and exciting experiences.



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