Anastasia Grey

Self-Proclaimed Lich Queen


A wizard and noblewoman from the days of the Old Imperium, Anastasia Grey’s vanity and lust for power led to her delving into the forbidden art of necromancy. Eventually she lead an army of the dead against the western border of the Imperium. She was defeated, and fearing her great necromantic power the Magi of the Imperium sealed her alive in a casket and filled it with molten adamantine, intending to trap her forever. The adamantine burned the flesh from her bones, but with the last of her power she clung to life, transforming herself into a lich. The casket was dropped into the ocean, intended to be lost forever.

Centuries later, the Dwarven research ship Meridian was tasked with investigating an anomaly occurring in the deep sea. The researchers unknowingly raised Grey’s prison from the ocean floor, and when undead horrors from beneath the waves began to attack them they attempted to destroy the sinister artifact but succeeded only in freeing Grey. She began to plot her return, but was thwarted when a pair of dwarven special forces agents and a party of adventurers stumbled upon her. She nearly killed Doran, but this so enraged Eabha that she summoned a creature from the ether that utterly obliterated Grey’s physical form.

Grey’s phylactery was still intact in her ancient ziggurat, and she was born anew and began to plot to raise another army to conquer the world. However, her plans were cut short when the same adventurers came in search of the Mask of the Khans. They defeated Grey and destroyed her phylactery, banishing her from the world forever.


Anastasia Grey

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