Alozza Al-Barak

The Bow of the Sun


“Go east, Fire Child. Find your destiny where the sun is born from the sea. Cast the ocean back into the desert sands. Die pierced through by a hundred arrows, and rise again fromt the ashes to challenge oblivion.” – The Prophecy of Alozza Al-Barak

Alozza Al-Barak comes from a kingdom beyond the Great Wastes, a mighty empire that none on this side of the desert has ever laid eyes upon. She is a Suli, the daughter of a human woman and a powerful fire spirit, and elemental flame courses through her blood. In her homeland, this is a mark of great honor, but it also grants tremendous responsibilities, as the Suli are considered the liaisons between the human world and that of the spirits. Alozza was brought up in a strict martial tradition, and upon her coming of age when she went before the priests all expected her to be assigned to the warrior caste, where she would live out her life as a temple guard. However, the night before her assignment the priests received a vision from the spirits. Alozza was to be the first of their people to make the journey beyond the desert to the east; her destiny lay in a far-away kingdom. Driven by faith, Alozza packed away her armor and bow and journeyed east at sunrise, leaving all that she had known behind.
Alozza and her war-bison traveled across the desert for three months, scavenging food and water where they could. Finally, when they seemingly could go on no longer, they emerged into the war-torn nation of Garrick, which was beset by the orcish horde. As she crested a hill and saw thousands of orcs surging across the valley below, she realized that this was the ocean that she had been sent to stand against. She fought the orcs valiantly with her bow and flaming arrows, and those whom she saved told her tales of Eran Vult and “Thunderclap” Canan, two other heroes who had stood against the horde. She sought them out, and together the three of them devised a plan to cut down Mazan Skycaller and put an end to the ravages of the orcs.
After the three of them slew Mazan and saved Garrick, Alozza was the only one who did not retire from adventuring, instead continuing to journey about the human nations, taking records of this strange new land to send back to her homeland and honing her skills. She was ambushed in the mountains of Doloth by Dellisar Zoren and a band of a hundred mercenaries; while she managed to slay the mercenaries to the last man, she lost her life in the process, bleeding out on the snow. Her body was never recovered.

Alozza Al-Barak is the fifth incarnation of Feng Vola.


Alozza Al-Barak

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