The Tower

A journey into the past reveals the truth

Cobb 2
As the army of Garrick bore down upon them, the party entered Cobb’s tower in search of answers. While at first they were puzzled by its strange architecture, they soon learned that the tower’s doors took them to various places and times throughout the world. They traveled to the beach where Joyuka first made landfall, the tavern where Eran Vult was assassinated, the site of Longwalker‘s betrayal and death, the battle between Kieyenna and Tess the Exile, the cave of Yamyra, and finally to Cobb’s childhood home where they witnessed the death of the boy’s mother and the advent of his powers. They finally found their way to the top of the tower, where they discovered that through a spell gone wrong he had bound the souls of himself and all of his enemies together into an endless cycle of reincarnation. They also witnessed a creature born from the portal that Cobb had opened, which escaped out into the world. Leaving the tower, they were detained by the Garrick army, and taken away to meet with Lord Daved Lusker.


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