The Tomb of the Khans

The party battles an ancient evil to secure Dreeta as the new Khan

Tomb of the khans
Accompanied by Ronan Torlukk and his finest warriors, the party journeyed to the Tomb of the Khans to root out the evil that had taken root there. First, they battled Khan Jhotan, a horrifying gluttonous ghoul who filled them with his own hunger for flesh before ambushing them. Finally, Jhotan was overcome, and Doran sliced him down the middle. Secondly, they battled Khan Qazri, a fiendish hunter who lured them into a chamber filled with traps and riddled them with javelins while his minions attacked. Jhotan was consumed in a pillar of fire summoned by Dreeta when he sunk one too many javelins into her beloved Whitney.

Third, the party faced Mazan Skycaller, third Khan and one of Eabha’s previous incarnations. Due to some quick thinking on the party of Doran and Dreeta, the “veiled lady”‘s control over Mazan was broken, and she gave Dreeta her blessing to save the orcish people. With the three Khans defeated, the seal on the ziggurat’s depths opened, and the party descended into darkness.

At the bottom of a deep pit, the party discovered a massive valley of bones ruled over by none other than the lich Anastasia Grey. Doran and Eabha were drawn into her clutches through powerful illusions, but Doran saw through her false image of Nina Barron and freed himself, lopping off her arm in the process. While Eabha fought her own friends, believing that she was defending her mother, the lich pelted the party with deadly magic. Finally, Ooka summoned the power of the Bellfly Hive and struck Grey with a single chord so powerful that it shattered her physical body. Doran, overcoming its protective magic, destroyed the lich’s phylactery and put an end to her once and for all.

With Grey defeated, Dreeta claimed the Mask of the Khans and emerged from the pyramid, where she was hailed as Khan Dreeta by Ronan and his men. The Orcish clans were quick to rally around their new Khan, and began preparations to march east. Before the clans had been gathered, an airship arrived bearing Roland Taverner and the rest of Catherine Melusine’s old adventuring party, and Eabha was told that it was time for her to be reunited with her mother.


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