The Shardmages/The Dragonsmeet

Eabha is reunited with her mother and the party seeks powerful new allies in the war against Nax

The shard runner
The party boarded the Shardrunner and made the journey beyond the edge of the world, into the broken shards of the northern hemisphere. Aboard, Eabha learned that her mother had been living with the Shardmages, a group of magi responsible for holding the world together after Cobb nearly destroyed it. The ship docked in the secret haven of the Shardmages, a town built on the inside of a floating rock, and Roland led Eabha into the temple to meet her mother. Inside, Eabha and Catherine were finally reunited after many long years apart.

After spending some time catching up with her daughter, Catherine revealed to the party that Nax was attempting to use the escaped prisoners from The Ark to re-open the portal to his world. If he were allowed to succeed, the energy that would spill forth would destroy what was left of Shard. Catherine had deduced that the only person with the power to permanently seal the portal was the person who opened it in the first place, and that therefore Eabha would have to journey one last time to the top of Cobb’s tower and use her magic to defeat Nax for good.

After resting, the party was awakened when an intruder was detected outside of the Shardmages’ compound. The party was surprised to discover Bernard, who had come as an envoy from the dragons. He invited Eabha and the party to come and plead their case before the dragons, who were attempting to determine whether they should interfere in the war against Nax. When the party assented, Bernard teleported them to Dragonsmeet, an island in the middle of the ocean where the five dragons had gathered.

After the party pled their case, the dragons adjourned to deliberate. Arlandria remained behind, and with her help Doran reforged the sword of Ielenia Longshadow into a powerful new blade for use against Nax. The dragons returned, and stated that their law against direct interference could not be broken even in the face of total obliteration. After apologizing, the dragon Ynu teleported the party off of the island again. They landed in the snow somewhere, and in the valley below saw the signs of a village under attack.


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