The High Inquisitor

The party's enemies reveal themselves

Lusker s estate

Captured by the army of Garrick, the party is escorted to the summer estate of now-king Daved Lusker. There, they are confronted by Lusker himself, who threatens Eabha’s friends in an attempt to ensure her cooperation. He is interrupted by Nax, who reveals himself to be the creature pulled through Cobb’s portal, who has been working ever since to find a way back home. He offers to make all of Eabha’s dreams come true in exchange for her help in opening the portal again. He gives the party a night to consider the offer. However, the estate is attacked by an Inquisitorial Drop Team led by Aust Amastacia himself, and Amastacia’s powerful magic allows him to overpower the party and take Eabha. The party is saved from Lusker’s soldiers and the Inquisitorial forces by the timely arrival of The Golem, and in a fury Doran takes control of it and chases down a fleeing Lusker, whom he smashes into a pulp. The three remaining party members board the golem and set off to rescue Eabha.


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