The Garden of the Giants

A journey into the Orcish Wastes leads to a stunning secret and sheds illumination on Dreeta's destiny.


Having fled civilized country for the rough frontier of Torunn, the party leaves Eliza and Humphries in a border town and sets out across the desert in search of orcs who can help Dreeta against Nax. Deep in the dunes they encounter Ronan Torlukk, who has been waiting for Dreeta and plans to take her before the orc chieftains and declare her the new khan. First though, he takes the party to the Garden of the Giants, a hidden valley in the heart of the desert where massive giants tend to their garden for their own inscrutable purposes. Ronan explains the orcish beliefs in reincarnation, and warns Dreeta that many will consider it blasphemy that she has been reincarnated from Feng Vola.

Ronan then leads the party to the city of the Stoneclimbers, where he takes Dreeta before the chieftains and declares her to be the reincarnation of Feng Vola. The chieftains are furious at this claim, but Dreeta convinces them to put forth a test of her claim, and they task her with delving into the cursed Tomb of the Khans and recovering a mask of war that will show her to be the true khan of the orc tribes.


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