The Ancient Guardians

Ancient treasures lead to new mysteries

The guardians

En route to Ellsport, the party stops off at the site of an ancient Imperium ruin in order to retrieve a valuable historical codex for Red Mask. At the cave entrance the party is forced to fight three guardians, ancient orc warriors given eternal life by the wizards in order to protect the dungeon from intruders. The party defeats the three guardians, and with his dying breath one of them says the words “Feng vola.” to Dreeta, a phrase which the party does not understand but which seems very meaningful to the dying orc.

Venturing down a harrowing magical elevator into the passages below, the party finds a well-appointed foyer leading into a dining room and library that seem untouched by the passage of time. They discover the codex alongside a dead wizard, whose ring Eabha puts on. It seems to transport her into another body, somewhere in the snowy mountains. As the party leaves, they are attacked by an animate chandelier left to watch over the treasures, but manage to escape up the elevator and return to the ship, loot in hand.


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