Raiders of the Ark

The party attempts a daring break-in to rescue their friend from a fortress in the sky

Ark prison
With some dubious assistance from Nelven, the party managed to get themselves arrested as sorcerers and taken by the Inquisition to the massive floating prison, The Ark. There they met Nicolai Blastonovic, a former companion of Eabha’s mother and the brilliant designer of the Ark. Blastonovic knew that Eabha was aboard the Ark and after disabling the guards he showed the party access tunnels through which they could reach Amastacia’s chambers and rescue Eabha. The party infiltrated the chambers and battled Baldrick, Amastacia’s personal executioner, disabling him and tying him up before joyfully reuniting with Eabha.

Outside, they found that Blastonovic had created a full-fledged prison riot by releasing all of the prisoners from their cells. Along with Blastonovic they fought their way down to the Ark’s power core, and Dreeta transferred Nax’s spell into it, killing all power to the Ark. This disabled the prisoners’ collars and sent the Ark into a freefall, and while Blastonovic remained behind to deal with a band of dangerous magi from The Pit, the party escaped to the surface of the Ark and went airborne as the ship crashed into the mountains below, setting free countless magi and killing many others.

In the mountains of Doloth, Joyuka used her affinity with Yamyra to discover the Witch of Winter’s secret system of tunnels beneath the frozen peaks. As the party made camp there for the night, Dreeta went out hunting and encountered Eliza and The Golem, who had come to inform the party that the Elven Empire had joined forces with Garrick against The Inquisition. Nowhere in civilization was safe for them anymore.


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