Our heroes make a mad dash for safety as enemies converge all around them.

Sylvania s house
The party fled westward, hoping to escape the dual threats of Garrick and the Elven Empire before their path was closed off for good. As they made their way across the mountains that separated the two nations, they stopped in a small town to resupply and had a close call with a band of bounty hunters and a heavily-armed cadre of elven hunters seeking to bring them to the hierarch. Hoping to elude pursuit and perhaps find someone who could tutor Eabha in the ways of fae magic, they trekked into the Haunted Woods, closely pursued by the elven platoon. Before they were forced to battle their pursuers, the elves were destroyed by an unseen assailant wielding incredibly potent magics.
The party fled from the sinister force and encountered an old woman, Baba, walking in the woods. She offered them food and shelter for the night in return for help with her chores, but turned out to be a skilled and eccentric witch who gave each adventurer a powerful gift before sending them on their way again.


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