Feng Vola

Among the orcs, Dreeta makes a shocking discovery

The pit

The party arrives at the base of Cobb’s tower, where they find that a large band of half-orcs has set up camp. They are welcomed, and taken to their leader, the massive warchief Scar, who informs them that they will be tested before they enter the tower. He also gives them Joyuka, who he claims will serve as their fourth companion; though she is nonplussed at first, she acclimates to the idea surprisingly quickly.
At the Pit, the party learns that Dreeta will be forced to fight a massive dire bear in order to prove herself to the orcs. The bear is not what it seems, however, and the fight quickly turns into a duel of druids, with Dreeta emerging victorious. The other druid reveals himself to be Vrag Torlukk, whom they had previously met in the sewers below Marn, and declares Dreeta the reincarnation of Feng Vola. He explains to the party that Feng Vola is a hero who betrayed Cobb and helped to set the Orcish people free. In the ensuing party, Eabha and Ooka get rather sauced together, much to Doran’s consternation.


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