Doran Smith

To save a fallen friend, Eabha and Dreeta risk everything on a journey into the past

The scarecrow
The dwarves deposit the party back in Marn, and Eabha and Dreeta go in search of a way to save Doran from the brink of death. Eventually, they track down an ancient Orc druid living in the sewers of Marn, who claims he can save Doran by sending the two of them into his mind to rescue him from the nightmare in which he is trapped. The two of them agree to take the risk, and are transported into Doran’s past.

They first encounter Doran on the battlefield, and see the horrors of war to which he was exposed as a young man. Journeying further into his subconscious, they encounter the scarecrow which frightened him as a young boy, and remained forever tied to the memory of his abusive father. They defeat the scarecrow and finally find their way to the root of Doran’s nightmare, his simultaneous fear of and fascination with fire. Defeating the fire spirit that has been tormenting him, Doran catches a brief glance into the forge at the center of his mind, where he sees a mysterious woman wreathed in flames. Having freed him from the nightmare, the three of them regain consciousness in the waking world, where the old druid gives Dreeta an eagle feather and tells her that their paths will cross again.


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