Chasing Eabha

Aid comes from unusual quarters as the party races to save Eabha from the Inquisition

Riding atop their newfound war golem, the party made a beeline for Marn, hoping to enlist Nina Barron’s help in saving Eabha from Amastacia. At the great wall between Garrick and Marn they were forced to leave the golem behind so that they could sneak across the border through the mercantile town of Trine. However, they found that the borders had been closed due to rumors of war between Garrick and Doloth. Lieutenant Bloodmoore, head of the town guard, was at first reluctant to issue them passage, but eventually was convinced, though the process would take a week. However, as they left the precinct, the party encountered Nelven Dworden, freshly arrested after his latest misadventure stealing a precious necklace from Lord Rathbone’s masquerade. Nelven pleaded with the party to spring him from the prison cell, but it turned out to be unnecessary; Bloodmoore eagerly let the party leave town on the condition that they take Nelven with them, and sent him on the way with one last parting gift.

A half-day’s ride south of Trine, the party encountered Nax waiting for them at a crossroads. While Doran attempted to ride him down, his attacks proved ineffectual. Nax proposed a deal; he would give them a spell capable of bringing down the Ark, and they would free Eabha from Amastacia’s clutches. Reluctantly the party agreed, but Nax’s deal proved to have unexpected consequences, as his spell turned Dreeta into a living bomb who would detonate if she could not disperse the magical energies contained within her into the Ark’s core.


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